Late Winter Blues? Meet Late Winter Blooms

As I’m sitting down to type this I can see at least six robins and a northern flicker rummaging for food out in our cozy backyard.  Cozy is one word for it, another is small (all this time I spend around realtors is apparently affecting my diction), but abutting the wetland/park at least makes it feel much larger.  The frogs have been starting to make their presence known at night, and we’ve already “sprung” ahead an hour.  Well, at least our clocks, our bodies may still be catching up.  Temperatures are slowly rising and the ice cream man has already been spotted making his rounds.  Yes, it seems as though spring has arrived.  Maybe not officially, but we definitely seem to be entering a new season.  Here’s what’s currently in bloom this mid March.  Enjoy.

Helleborus Ivory Prince

Red Dragon Paper Bush

Spring is right around the corner!

(All photos are property of Luke Bennier)


2 thoughts on “Late Winter Blues? Meet Late Winter Blooms

  1. Wow. So much color! I haven’t seen any daffodills around here, we’re still getting snow, and accumulation. Great shots Luke, they definitely invoke a sense of spring.

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