Some Great Foliage from the Garden

Hello friends, just wanted to share some pics from my yard of some of the plants that are really showing off with some great foliage right now.  This first pic features the beloved Hosta ‘June’, paired here with All Gold Japanese Forest Grass, Hakonechloa macra ‘All Gold’.  Last year, ‘June’ sat there by herself and now that she’s wedged between the golden grass and the dark green foliage of Peony ‘Double White’, she shines even more as they all complement each other very nicely.

I love this tri-colored variegation found in ‘June’.

My garden is growing, adding some Jack Frost Brunnera this year.  These leaves will draw some light to the entryway on the shady north side of our house.

Another great plant with wonderful variegated foliage is this Columbine, ‘Leprechaun Gold’.  I ended up cutting down the long flower stalks however as they just couldn’t stand up in the wind we had this last week.  This plant also has great purple colored stems and the raindrops will sometimes get caught between the leaf and stem.  I love plants that will showcase rain in a special way, since it’s in such great abundance here.

Leprechaun's Gold Columbine

Below is our native Oregon Grape Holly, Mahonia, however, this is the variety ‘Orange Flame’ which as you can see derives its name from the stunning new foliage.  The green leaves below make a perfect backdrop.

Orange Flame Oregon Grape Holly

And one more plant for now, the Golden Lanterns Pheasant Berry or Himalayan Honeysuckle, Leycesteria formosa.  It has chartreuse to gold foliage and red-tinted new growth.  I’ve been very impressed with what a strong grower this has been.  The more sun it receives the richer, or more golden, the coloring is.

Happy gardening!


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